First, a good cup of tea …

From traditional black tea, via herbal tea to a refreshing ice tea – tea specialities accompany us throughout the year. The highest quality in practical teabags is required both in the hotel and catering trade as well as in private households.

Sectors: Food
  • Automation
  • Individual solutions
  • Line expertise
  • Product handling
  • Robotics


A very high product performance is needed with simultaneous extremely high product variance between different types of tea. A particular challenge is closing over-filled cartons. Another task is printing and re-packing as well as integrating an existing foil wrapping machine to protect the flavour.


By using a two-pull chain with 12-times usage handling, we were able to achieve a performance of 200 cycles per minute, during which 12 products are processed simultaneously. A lid post-compacting station was incorporated for the over-filled cartons. The foil wrapping machine was integrated in the plant by means of signal exchange. Thanks to a 6-axial robot, the compact re-packaging could be carried out in a very small area. The pack volume was increased by nesting the teabags.

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Our client offers a wide range of very different types of tea from all over the world. His exclusive tea brand is known in over 70 countries throughout the world for its quality and flavour. The company has a tradition stretching back almost 200 years. It supplies both the national and international premium hotel and catering trade and also operates a teashop for private customers.

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