Flawless beauty

Injecting wrinkles with Hyaluron or Botulinumtoxin has not been an exotic treatment for a long time now. Flawless skin makes people more self-confident and satisfied. It’s self-evident that appropriate packaging of the cosmetics products should look just as perfect …

Sectors: Pharmaceutical
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  • Product handling


The very high quality, sensitive packaging is available in various formats and versions. Different carton designs should be processed on one plant. Confusion-proof, poka-yoke format parts are desired so that they can be changed over easily.  In addition, the customer has increased requirements with regard to ergonomics and labelling grading.


Instead of designing confusion-proof format parts, we developed a plant that processes various carton designs, without having to replace the parts! All the parts that come into contact with the product were coated individually for particularly sensitive product handling. An integrated laser labelling system permits printing with a very high resolution.

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Our customer is a global pharmaceutical company focussing on the development, production and marketing of pharmaceutical brands, medical products and biologics. The company’s most successful products also include preparations for medical aesthetics and dermatology, such as Botulinumtoxin.