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“Let food be thy medicine”, said the Greek doctor Hippocrates already over 2,000 years ago. Today the desire to do something beneficial through conscious food choices is greater than ever and “super foods” such as chia seeds are becoming basic foodstuffs …

Customer: Davert GmbH
Sectors: Food
  • Automation
  • Individual solutions
  • Product handling


The primary packaging comes in cartons of different formats and need to be palletised. Double pallet labelling and individual customer SAP connection are required. The collection station should be AGV compatible and the plant made future-proof through scalability, i.e. so it can be expanded with additional pallet spaces as necessary.


We developed a highly flexible palletising solution, which manages up to 20 cartons per minute including an optional intermediate layer. Autonomy was increased by integrating a fully automatic empty pallet magazine. A label printing dispenser system with a front and side applicator was integrated for the double labelling. Autonomously operating systems collect two pallets at the same time. We have provided interfaces to the modular expansion from a design perspective.

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The specialist for rice, pulses, cereal products, sugar, dried fruit, nuts, oil seeds, sprouting seeds and other organic foods has been on the market for 30 years and is regarded as a pioneer in the field of organic, natural food. The company places great emphasis on quality and ecology, which is why the journey of every product from the producer to the consumer is supported consistently.