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The right lighting is not only important at home, but also in the workplace. Light requirements are of course completely different than in a hospital or an office. Variety is therefore also a major consideration in packaging.

Customer: Trilux
Sectors: Consumer
  • Automation
  • Individual solutions
  • Product handling
  • Robotics


High quality LED lights in different lengths and designs mean high product variety. At the same time a high level of automation is sought for the packaging. From the pack design, enclosing installation instructions to labelling and palletising, everything should be implemented with a high level of autonomy. Tool-less adjustment of the plant to a different format should also take place fully automatically.


The lights are passed directly from the fully automated installation plant to the PKM packaging plant. A 6-axle robot on an additional seventh movable axle collects the pre-cut parts, which can be up to 2,500 mm long, directly from the pallet. The robot lays the lights as a single pack or also as a 4-pack on the prepared corrugated cardboard pre-cut parts, where it has already previously provided the installation instructions. As soon as the lights are on the pre-cut part, the latter is sucked from the bottom and then wrapped around. The carton is sealed on a short closing section using hot glue. After it has been sealed with the hot glue, a whole layer is collected and then placed in the pallet carton. Two places are provided in each case both for the pre-cut parts as well as for the pallet cartons, so that the plant can always continue working without stopping.

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With its slogan “Simplify Your Light”, the company offers light solutions for a wide range of applications such as industry, retail, education and the health care system, offices, roads, paths and open spaces. Trilux has over 5,000 employees worldwide and sells both individual components as well as tailor-made complete solutions in 50 countries throughout the world.

“It was possible to find an optimal solution in close collaboration with the project management and sales department of PKM. The concept with the movable 6-axle robot proved to be perfect for Trilux, implementation by PKM was extremely professional and the plant absolutely satisfies the high requirements of Trilux.”

Sebastian Trägner, B. Eng., Manufacturing Engineering/Project Management Trilux