We package freedom from pain

Numbing injections overcome the fear of visiting the dentist and mean treatment can take place in a completely relaxed atmosphere.  Our plant makes space-saving packaging and palletising of a local anaesthetic possible, including consistent traceability and serialising.

Sectors: Pharmaceutical
  • Automation
  • Individual solutions
  • Product handling


The vials with the local anaesthetic are to be grouped in sixes, packaged into boxes and palletised in a very small room. The complete process must also be monitored permanently – because this is a highly sensitive product. That means consistent traceability must absolutely be ensured. No errors are tolerated during serialising: no dose must be lost or swapped even during machine stoppages.


Only a very compact solution was possible, particularly because palletising normally requires a lot of space. This was achieved through an individual, customer-specific design. The decision was made to select one-space palletising, which is integrated into the packaging line in such a way that when the pallet is changed, there is only a minimal loss of time, but no standstill of the plant. Product monitoring was solved with sensors, cameras and weighing technology.

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Our customer is a well-known German company from the field of dental technology, which belongs to an international global group. Among other things, it manufactures local anaesthetics but also casting components for dental prostheses and for many other products for a dentist’s practice. New technologies are being researched in their own laboratory. The company also expects innovative solutions to emerge from its business partners.

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