Delicacies fresh from the sea

Whether they are pickled, smoked or marinated – fish specialities are a delicious addition to the menu. Naturally when quality, flavour and sustainability are right. Consistent traceability is an aspect, which also plays a role in packaging.

Customer: Gottfried Friedrichs KG
Sectors: Food
  • Automation
  • Individual solutions
  • Product handling


The requirements is to replace two old plants with a new one – with the same number of products, which corresponds to a doubling of performance. A printing dispenser system provided by the customer for printing and sticking on labels should also be integrated together with re-packaging in cartons with crash lock bases.


By using the latest servo technologies, we were able to achieve the desired increase in performance. We were able to re-package the primary packaging into display trays for POS by using a cardboard magazine we developed in-house. The crash lock bases, which used to have to be unfolded manually, are now unfolded by the machine.

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With a tradition going back more than 100 years, Gottfried Friedrichs stands for particular experience, know-how and skilled ability when refining high quality fish delicacies. Since 1908 the “First Hanseatic Fine Fish Production Plant” has always set new standards with regard to quality and innovative technological solutions, for example in packaging.

“When looking for a suitable packing plant to satisfy our requirements, we have found the right partner with PKM. Not only the joint developments, but also implementation was and is competent, flexible and solution-oriented.”

Dagmar Timm, Logistics Manager