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Hepatitis C is an inflammation of the liver caused by the Hepatitis-C virus. Approximately 150 million people are chronically infected by this virus. There is no vaccination against it. The disease is treated with antivirals, on sale from AbbVie in various dosages and packaging units.

Customer: AbbVie
Sectors: Pharmaceutical
  • Automation
  • Individual solutions
  • Line expertise
  • Product handling
  • Robotics


The medicine is available in various packaging units. The format spectrum is correspondingly large. All the carton sizes should run on one plant. Crash lock base cardboard is to be used for this. However, there is very little space, so that a conventional solution with standard carton erectors does not work.


Because the space was too small even for such an extremely compact plant, a bypass solution had to be implemented: Parts of the plant were accommodated outside and linked via conveyor technology. Not only robotics was used for this, but also a cardboard magazine that had been specially developed by PKM for mechanical processing of crash lock base cardboard.

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Just like the American parent company AbbVie, AbbVie Deutschland also deals with biotechnology and pharmaceutics and describes itself as a research bio-pharmaceutical company. AbbVie develops, manufactures and sells innovative medicines for various treatment areas, including Hepatitis C.

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